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The Engaging and Productive Workplace

What make employees happy at work? When the right environment to connect, communicate and collaborate exists.

The digital workplace is the humming engine of a modern business. Find out how you can transition into one.


Key Benefits of the PeopleONE Workplace

Discover what makes PeopleONE a trusted, go-to solution.

The SharePoint Safety Net

The SharePoint Safety Net

Built on Microsoft® SharePoint and Teams, be rest assured that data security and privacy of your intranet is in safe hands, managed by your IT team. Realize your investment in O365 subscriptions.
Advantage Mobile

Advantage Mobile

Be informed and make decisions on the move. Get the complete intranet (communication) and workflows (collaboration) on your Android & iOS devices with on-demand notifications.
Culture is Key

Culture is Key

When peers connect, employees voice their thoughts, leaders speak out their vision, blogs trigger insightful discussions, you know your Organization is poised for greater things.
Documents, Data, Information

Documents, Data, Information

Access News, Announcements, Events for Corporate Communication while Document Management System helps for process, policies, and procedures. Deploy Workflows and Business modules for inter-functional assignments.
Huddle Hub

Huddle Hub

Departmental Sites, Project Teams, Interest Groups. All this pre-built, so your IT team can focus on their real tasks.
More Openness

More Openness

Connect to your homegrown applications and integrate with 3rd party solutions. Make PeopleONE the launchpad for all activities.

Always On, Always Moving

Mobility has never been more important in today’s supercharged workplace. Take PeopleONE on the go and never miss a deadline, an emergency call, or access to an important file again.

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Discover how you can structure an Integrated Workplace with the right mix of application interfaces that is unique to your Organization, and that works for you.

Platform Integrations

Discover how PeopleONE seamlessly integrates with other communication apps, content management system and cloud platforms. Centralized access to apps and content directly from activity feed.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Flow
add more platform

External Systems

Our flexible integration framework supports integrations with your core support systems such as ERP/CRM, Project management tools and workflow solutions


Business Applications

PeopleONE brings more value to your users by uniting your digital workplace by integrating Business applications

Finance Process
Business Modules


Find out how PeopleONE fits your Organization’s Needs.

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